A warehouse full of palms, Easter must be around the corner!!!!!


Great people were often controversial figures during their lifetime. It is history, which can look on from a distance and see things in proper perspective, that rectifies the often limited judgment of contemporaries. Something like this has happened to the Lord Jesus. His contemporaries, even his closest coworkers, did not understand him, especially not his strange ideas on suffering and death as a necessary passage to a better life. Only later did all of this become clear to them.

This Sunday, Christians celebrate Palm Sunday. “Christ entered in triumph into his own city, to complete his work as our Messiah: to suffer, to die, and to rise again” (from the Processional Rite). The triumphal entry, celebrated at the beginning of the passion-week, emphasizes that the three elements: suffering, death, and resurrection, belong together. Jesus’ death was not a defeat. It was a victory.

It is the genuine insight of Christianity that the events of Jesus’ earthly life were the execution of God’s saving purpose. This genuine insight should be ours also concerning our own lives when suffering strikes us.


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Have a wonderful and blessed Palm Sunday!!!!!