It’s starting to look like Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

Just the beginnings of the "Fontanini" section

More “Fontanini”!!!
It’s starting  to look like Christmas at Kaufer’s. Michele has been working hard to get out all the “Fontanini”, the nativity sets, and Christmas ornaments and gift items. The Christmas books and music are out, with new items coming in all the time.
 JeanMarie is finnishing up the big task of getting out all the Christmas cards, boxed and individual. We are also working on the Advent section, we have a number of sets out, with lots of pink and purple candles available.
 So, it really is starting to look like Christmas at Kaufer’s.
If you want to beat the rush…… the time is NOW to come on in and get your Christmas shopping started!
More updates will be coming soon on our progress on turning Kaufer’s into your one stop shopping experience for Christmas 2010.

Advent Candles, Christmas Cards, & Christmas Books and Music

Looking for a nativity set?