Christmas is Coming…………Very Soon!!!!!!

Is it too early to even think about Christmas? If you went back about 10 years and asked me that question, I would had said….. undoubtedly, absolutely YES!!!!!!! But now, here I am in retail, and we start thinking about Christmas in the middle of May as we are meeting with our suppliers in Chicago. Still to this day I leave my Christmas shopping to the last moment, sometimes on the 23rd or 24th of December. If I did that for the store, my boss would not be impressed!

As you smart Christmas shoppers have noticed, all the big stores have started to put out their Christmas decorations, specialty gifts, and Christmas Cards earlier and earlier every year. Some of our best customers have continued to ask us over the years when we were going to put out our Christmas items. It used to be traditional to put everything out, and have it ready for our customers over the Thanksgiving holiday. Those days are long gone.

To better serve our valuable customers, we have decided to start getting our Christmas items out by October 1st. So if you are one of those smart Christmas shoppers, stop by and get a head start on your shopping. We of course will not have all of our Christmas inventory out by October 1st, but our goal is to have our Christmas Cards out, our Advent candles & sets, our Christmas books & music, then in the weeks to come, our Christmas nativities and decorations.

 Please stayed tuned to this blog for Christmas updates and pictures as we slowly transform our store into the Advent/Christmas Season.

Christmas Books & Music